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Free U.S. shipping & money back guarantee


Same product, different doses.

Supplements for UTI

Method 1

Are you experiencing an active infection?

  • Mix each packet in a glass or
    bottle of still or sparkling water.
    Take 1 packet every 3 hours,
    up to 4 times per day,
    until symptoms subside.

  • Stay well hydrated
    throughout the day - the
    more you pee, the better!

  • Refrain from sugar
    (including fruit).

  • Refrain from alcohol

If conditions do not clear within 36
hours, please consult with your

Method 2

Want to prevent future infections?
Maintain a healthy urinary tract over
time by taking 1 packet after any
of the following activities.

  • Sex

  • Exercise

  • Bathing

  • Swimming

  • Any other activities you
    notice cause your UTIs