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Free U.S. shipping & money back guarantee

The Cranberry Myth

Disclaimer: Chugging cranberry juice won’t work, babe.  There is an active ingredient in cranberry that prevents bacteria from sticking to the bladder wall, but cranberry juice and cranberry pills alone DO NOT contain a high enough concentration of this active ingredient to make a difference.  (So those vitamin subscriptions that offer a cranberry pill are useless for most women and their UTIs, TBH). 

Most cranberry juice you can purchase in stores contains additional sugar that actually FEEDS the bacteria and its growth.  The longer you wait around on a cranberry solution to kick in, you put yourself at higher risk for the bacteria to spread or cause a kidney infection…For those of you who dedicated enough to drink a boatload of sugar free, bitter cranberry juice trying to manage symptoms – there is a much easier solution. 

Maintaining a healthy urinary tract requires a proactive approach.  Busy Beauti contains a concentrated amount of the active ingredient, D-Mannose, found in cranberry as well as Vitamin C to acidify urine, killing harmful bacteria, and Vitamin D to break down the cell walls of viruses and bacteria that cause or support our UTIs. 

Go ahead and look over our reviews, email us with any questions, and give Busy Beauti a try.  We have a 10-day money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose!  Only peace of mind to gain.

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