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Free U.S. shipping & money back guarantee

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“I was on day 2 of my honeymoon and I contracted a UTI from the frequent sex.  I felt a stabbing pain each time I peed and the false urgency to pee constantly, even though I could hardly get more than a few drops out each time.  I was tied to the toilet for the rest of the trip.  My new husband and I had to miss out on the rest of our excursions because I was in so much pain…I guess that’s the end of honeymoon fun until I can get an antibiotic.” – Crystal J.

Have you been avoiding sex because you fear getting another UTI?  That’s not a recipe for a healthy relationship!  It’s not a sexy topic, but we have a simple solution.  Unfortunately, no one can predict when a UTI will strike, especially when abroad or on vacation.  There are a few activities that highly increase the likelihood of contracting an infection, the most prevalent being sex.  This is because sex introduces new bacteria that can quickly evolve into an infection.  If you find yourself feeling this way after sex with your partner give these helpful tips a try:

  • Shower before sex
  • Pee after sex
  • Take one packet of Busy Beauti after sex and flush out any remaining harmful bacteria
  • Stay hydrated

Peeing after sex isn’t always enough for some women, but no one should skip this step.  Busy Beauti will flush out harmful bacteria that was left behind, giving you an extra layer of protection.  These are a few measures all couples can take to avoid killing the mood and prevent painful UTIs.  That’s it.  Nothing complicated or time intensive. 

Go ahead and look over our reviews, email us with any questions, and give Busy Beauti a try.  We have a 10-day money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose!  Only peace of mind to gain.

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