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How to Maintain a Happy Vaginal pH



Q: What happens when my pH balance is off and how do I fix it?

A: You may experience BV, yeast infections, or UTI symptoms which can seem like a constant rotation of doctor visits and antibiotic treatments. Managing pH balance is a key component of preventing these infections!  Follow the below steps:

1. Incorporate vaginal wipes.

For some women, vaginal wipes can provide an extra layer of cleanliness, after sex, after workouts, or in between showers. While your vagina is pH balanced and cleans itself, some women swear by the effectiveness of pH balanced wipes.

2. Take a probiotic for vaginal health.

Taking a probiotic capsule daily will restore lactobacilli levels, your body’s natural defense against harmful bacteria and infections.

3. Flush out your urinary tract regularly.

Take one Busy Beauti packet every three days, or more often if needed, to flush out harmful bacteria that could lead to infection.

4. Look at your diet.

Besides cutting down on sugary and processed foods, eating foods that are rich in probiotics like kombucha and yogurt. Consuming apple cider vinegar can prevent imbalance, as well as garlic which is a natural anti-fungal.

5. Avoid antiseptics, scented soaps, or body wash.

Because the vagina self cleans with natural vaginal secretions (discharge) you might be wondering “how do you wash your vag?” as in, the vulva, labias and the region outside of your vagina. Gently use warm water and hypoallergenic, paraben-free, unscented mild soaps.

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