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Dehydration and UTIs

Let's talk water intake.  One of our customers recently posed a great question we wanted to share with our readers!

Q: Is hydration throughout the day an important component of urinary tract health? 

A: Yes! Drinking water consistently helps

  • Dilute your urine
  • Ensure that you’ll urinate more frequently
  • Allow bacteria to be flushed from your urinary tract before an infection can begin

Dehydration is a common trigger that can lead to UTI related symptoms. If you find yourself struggling to get your water in throughout the day, take a step back and figure out where you're slipping.  Do you need a water bottle with time markers to keep you on track?  Do you forget to hydrate when you travel?  We specifically created our product to promote fluid intake with each use, and to be easily accessible for grab-and-go lifestyles. With Busy Beauti’s flavorless design, you can incorporate into your favorite hydrating drinks without compromising on taste!

Here are some of our team’s favorite drink mixer ideas! Lemon water, Tea, Topo Chico, Hint Water and La Croix. Tell us if you have other favorite mixers to share!!

And as always, with our money-back-guarantee you have nothing to lose. Only peace of mind to gain!  We can't wait to watch our product change your life.

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