Urinary Tract Infections affect
over 10 million females each year in the USA. Are you one of them?

Pee Out the Pain with your
bladder's new go-to for UTI Relief.

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Dr. Fenwa Famakinwa Milhouse, M.D.



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D-Mannose is a simple sugar found in assorted fruits and vegetables. It attaches to the E. coli bacteria (over 90% of UTIs are caused by E. coli BTW) and prevents it from sticking to the walls of our urinary tracts. The E. coli is then flushed out each time we pee – leaving us UTI free! Fun Fact: D-Mannose powder is 10 to 50 times more potent (and effective) than cranberry juice.


Vitamin C

Also known as ascorbic acid, Vitamin C attacks UTIs head on by acidifying our urine. This limits the growth of certain UTI-causing bacteria – and plays a critical role in boosting our immune systems as our bodies fight off the infection.


Vitamin D

Last but not least, Vitamin D increases our body’s production of the antimicrobial peptide cathelicidin. These peptides assist the body in attacking the cell walls of viruses and bacteria that cause or support UTIs.



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